Saturday morning, bright and early, K, K's parents, my brother (R), and I all packed into K's parents' car for a 5 hour drive north to my parents' house. We had a nice relaxed afternoon and evening, visiting with my Grandma and stuffing ourselves with her cookies and perogies. 

On Sunday, K and I attended the service at our favourite church from our short list: Faith Lutheran. The service was very nice, and again, we were very impressed with the look of the sanctuary. The pastor is from Guatemala, and thus speaks Spanish, and his son is one of R's good friends from soccer! We had a good chat with him. I've sent him a follow-up e-mail with more questions, so we'll see what happens!

Church, of course, was followed by a huge Thanksgiving feast! We left after breakfast on Monday morning and got back in time to get some homework done before resuming regular life on Tuesday--including an hour at the gym to burn off some of the weekend's indulgences!

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