We're finally getting close to having our venues nailed down! I got a response from the pastor of Faith Lutheran church yesterday, saying that yes, he and the church are available for our date and a rehearsal, but he thinks the wine box ceremony  and the song we were going to have M sing during the signing are better suited for the rehearsal than the church ceremony. I brought this up to K over our lovely dinner out tonight (tried a new Asian restaurant with meat and vegan options--fantastic!), and asked if we should consider a different church, but he says he really likes this pastor and wants to be married in this church. I'm totally cool with that! We will just rethink our ceremony and reception program.

On the reception front, we went to our favourite vegan restaurant the other day for lunch. The restaurant was really quiet, so we were able to talk to the owner and get more info about saving the date, deposit, and numbers. We also reiterated (after sharing a slice for dessert) that we definitely want a cheese cake wedding cake! 

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