Looking at my checklist on The Knot gets a little intimidating sometimes, so I thought today I would focus on what we have already accomplished:

1. K proposed. With a ring. This engagement ring came with a wedding band, so now K just has to not lose my band, and I just have to buy him one...
2. We settled on a date, with the help of family and friends. It just so happens that it's exactly 11 months after the date of our engagement!
3. I picked our wedding colours and have K almost convinced of how awesome they will be.
4. We picked our bridal party. My four siblings and K's brother were easy, K asked A last week, and KT last night! He will ask D the next time he sees him.
5. We decided on a general location (i.e. the city) for our ceremony and reception. 
6. We researched and confirmed where we want to have our reception, though the details and contract are still to come.
7. I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, MOH, and FMIL, which was a good starting point as...
8. I did a bit of research and found a dress maker. After e-mailing back and forth a few times, I met with her, saw sketches, gave a deposit, and will be trying on a mock-up dress (in cheap fabric) hopefully sometime this month!
9. I started looking at attire for K and the rest of the BP.
10. We sent many e-mail inquiries, searched for pics online, received recommendations from friends and family, and finally narrowed down our list of churches to about seven that we visited last weekend. Of those, four made our "short list." I am in contact with these churches now, hoping to set up meetings with pastors next weekend.
11. We started our guest list, and hopefully we will get this finalized next weekend, since both sets of parents will be together for Thanksgiving.
12. We had engagement pics done last weekend with our FABULOUS photographer, who is now booked!

Not too shabby, huh?

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